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Alvina is a candid character. Friends who know her find it completely normal that she starts breaking out into a dance in the middle of the mall, and strangers who don’t find her incredibly spontaneous and well, weird. Either way, she is unabashedly herself 99% of the time. Except for that 1% — when she senses that she might be in trouble.


Being candid also means being a little too straightforward. Hardly does she try to hide what she’s feeling. Like an open book, people can tell when she’s upset or exhilarated. Of all her expressions, the most prominent look has got to be her “WTF” face. She’d look at you, sort of confused and sort of bewildered at what’s coming out of your mouth, before mouthing “wtf” under her breath.


She is also a little nerdy. With an interest in issues within Southeast Asia, particularly in its history, Alvina loves it when people entertain her bouts of remarks on these topics. She also loves intellectual conversations and when people recommend her their favourite books. But too much smart-talk gives her a headache so occasionally she would still prefer the trash-talking.


Currently a final-year Political Science undergraduate at NUS, Alvina hopes to do something serious with her life one day. Unlike what is commonly perceived of her, her goal is to serve her community in the near future. She likes old people and young children and loves talking to them, and wishes that they would one day be the beneficiaries of her help. At the moment, she is interested in pursuing a career in journalism or the public sector. She wants to invest her energy in places where it best represents her life goal of inspiring. She may not be there yet, but she is confident that one day she will. 


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