Samsung Galaxy S21 5G -
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Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ 5G

About The Project

Project Duration: Jan 2021 — Feb 2021

Promote the all new Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ 5G phones, along with its unique specs and functions. To also weave in the theme of Valentine’s Day!

What I Did (Contributions & Reflections)

Adopting an omni-channel approach as part of our marketing efforts, the team and I worked around the use of Instagram and YouTube to amplify the outreach of this campaign. Beyond the use of sheer promotional videos to shout out for the upcoming video, we kickstarted a 2-week long teaser phase across platforms to get fans involved in the video production process. Impressions and engagements on our socials rose by 6-fold, making it one of the most engaging social campaigns we have ever done.

What went on behind the scenes?

As the project manager and lead producer for this campaign, here’s a breakdown of what transpired —

  • In lieu of the short lead time (less than a month) and manpower crunch, the team wore multiple hats despite the extensive marketing efforts required. This was evident during filming day where the team sought opportunities to optimise the content produced by situating them in different angles, hence revitalising the “same” piece of output when placed across different platforms.
  • As the video was set for release during peak advertising season (after factoring in Lunar New Year/Valentine’s Day deals), we crafted a month’s long marketing plan to keep the conversation going even after the campaign had concluded. Post-mortems were done continuously to keep up with the viewers’ response, as well as to maintain flexibility in our content produced.
  • Giveaway tactics to reward viewers, particularly since video is part of a brand new YouTube series.

The final takeaway — content optimisation and flexibility reigns in digital marketing.