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With Our Class Notes

Led by veteran journalist Bertha Henson, otherwise known as Madam, Our Class Notes is a news website for first-time voters, by first-time voters. As part of NUS Communications and New Media department, the platform consolidates and addresses serious topics related to the impending General Election due in April 2021. Launched on Feb 11, the site has seen over 20,000 unique visitors.
As a student reporter and journalist, Alvina specialises in the research of smaller opposition parties in Singapore, free speech and foreign policy.

Note: As the website is currently under maintenance by the school’s Communications and New Media department, all articles are currently uploaded here.

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The Buzz over Free Speech: Kena POFMA already or not?

I’m scared of saying what I feel, and my friends feel the same way

The Buzz over Foreign Relations: A little red dot in a big, big world

Why do I need to care about what happens far away?

Gays at the gate: Present but not invited

Voting in the time of the virus: How other countries did it

Pofma — but not for WhatsApp so far


STYLEGUIDE is a lifestyle website that delves into the unique stories of inspirational individuals and places.
Taking on the role of the site’s content strategist and writer, Alvina produced lifestyle and beauty-related article ideas that sought to entice the millennial readers. She also conducted interviews with influential local figures and entrepreneurs, as well as managed the site’s social media platforms.



Media Events

Opinion Pieces

With The Travel Pad

The Travel Pad is a global travel platform that enables adventurers and masses alike to connect, plan trips, publish stories and create a travel blog.
As the site’s content strategist and writer, Alvina had to come up with travel-related content that resonated with the international audience, and connect with world-renowned travel influencers to enhance the quality of the articles published. She also did some copywriting work in her stint there, where she crafted tag-lines, detailed page headlines and content that suited the brand’s image. She managed the social media platforms too.


Opinion Pieces


With Zula

Pursuing her joy in writing as a freelance columnist, Alvina continues to publish articles at Zula, which focus on issues relating to Singaporean female millennials.