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How’s everyone?

It’s been a full year since I last wrote anything here. My WordPress admin page is riddled with plugin updates, obsolete features, and notifications urging me to “fix my site”. I guess my site is pretty much a microcosm of my life. Things breaking down, the monotony of performing ‘housekeeping’ and ‘keeping things up’ (with what exactly?), and the occasional chaos here and there — but all’s still working fine 🙂 I’m still alive and doing my best every day.
side note: I should really revamp my site a little

The last few months have been pretty trying. Learning to overcome my limiting beliefs is something I’ve been actively working on. It helps that I’m a naturally introspective person — I often catch myself reflecting on the big and small things in life, seeking for change, positive ones especially, and looking for new methods to revitalise my old ways. It’s not a bad thing to be this introspective, but I do recognise the downsides of doing so. Friends and coworkers have told me that I’m invariably harsh on myself, whether the situation necessitated it or not, simply because I worry and care too much about doing things better, making things right. But sometimes thing don’t have to better — they just have to be.

Did I also mention that I’m off Instagram? It’s been 3 solid weeks my dear friends, and I’m coping just fine not knowing what the world is up to. Fret not, this is not me deciding to adios amigos! from the world. It’s just my way to block out intrusive and irrelevant information that has zilch impact on my life. To be completely honest, I’m enjoying this. I was so caught up in the lives of others, in creating a life that I imagined to be true of myself to my friends (or audience?). Now, I can focus on really laying the foundations of living a good life, one that is peaceful, kind, and holds no judgment on myself and the people around me.

Sharing some impactful things I’ve seen / heard over the past few months:

  • Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
  • 長大的過程就是,當你身上帶著傷,你還是繼續朝你的目標前進,持續建立你的人生 — 這才是真正對自己負責的。可能你失去很多,會需要用一部分的自己,跟著這個悲傷一起過生活一段時間,但之後,如果有按部就班地走,悲傷會昇華成另外一個東西,但你的人生也是繼續前進。
  • “一個人如果太過不滿足太過極端 會不斷遇上遺憾”
  • Everything we do to stay alive is either an end, or a means to an end.
  • We often deliberate more about the means than the end, for the doctor does not deliberate whether he should heal, but how he should go about.
  • Achieving mastery at anything is hard work, and doing that is called courage.

Ciaos everyone. Hope these lessons resonate with you, one way or another 🙂

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