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Document, Don’t Create: My Life In Film

This quote is shared by one of my favorite “influencers”, or should I say, marketing guru, of all time — Gary Vaynerchuk. Otherwise known as GaryVee, he’s an American-based influencer who dishes out life and business advice on a very aggressive note. He’s either always saying fuck this, fuck that, fuck you, or actually screaming in your ears. He’s also extremely interrogative and asks piercing questions that cut through all that BS. I would say I kinda like this approach, not because I’m submissive (lol), but because I truly appreciate his honesty, which is, well, brutal.

This is one of the first few videos I’d watched from GaryVee’s YT channel. I mean, just listen to how aggressive he is.

Anyway, more on GaryVee next time. Today, I’m sharing some of the film photos I’ve developed recently! In line with the whole Document, Don’t Create motto, I’m hoping to share more of me and less of what I think is right to share. So strap up cos I’m taking you on a trip down my memory lane, between Feb and June this year!

June 2021
I was actually in a relatively funky mood that day. Is funky the right word to use? I did dress up after my self-imposed 5-day quarantine at home (WFH, plus I had a lot of food to tide me through the week, so I didn’t have to leave home) and felt real good about my fit. It was 9 pm and I had no business dressing myself up for a dinner takeaway at Plaza Sing but I was just feeling myself. But then I started feeling like shit when I finally arrived at Five Guys. Though I was psyched for the food, I felt really self-conscious. I recall snapping some photos on my phone and hating the way they turned out. But these photos proved otherwise. I look happy here.

Some other failed shots. As you can see, we forgot to turn on the flash. Many of the photos turned out really dark so lesson learnt.

Feb 2021
Chinese New Year at TJ’s place! I lost quite a bit of money playing ban luck (Chinese blackjack) that day, but you can’t actually tell because I look so happy and blissful here. CNY this year was quite nice because we had the 8 pax rule back then so gatherings were a lot livelier. I briefly remember having TAN YU 探鱼 that day? And sushi. Maybe fried rice too.

Featuring my uni friends and their other halves! Kells was missing in all the photos because he was the designated photographer that day.

Feb 2021
We wore matching outfits on the 3rd day of CNY/Valentine’s Day! I loved the print on his shirt haha we had koi fishes plastered all over his shirt (and my dress). Very apt, given that we were having dinner at this seafood-based buffet place. We were also served champagne before our meal so it felt very celebratory. Had my first ever triple date with my family.

Look! At! My! Dress! It’s so cute ahhh. I’m gonna get it altered because I sized up for this dress but it ended up being too big for me.

April 2021
Not going in chronological order here. Pictured here is Kells working his ass off on our staycation at The Clan hotel! It was honestly the best staycation experience I’ve ever had. The service was superb and I loved that the hotel was newly opened (in March 2021), so their in-room amenities and hotel facilities were largely Covid-friendly. Back when dining in was still permitted, breakfast was served in Qin, a restaurant bar owned by Tung Lok within the hotel premise. I wished I took more photos of the food because it was a whole gastronomical experience by itself. You could also choose to have the breakfast delivered to your room (all-day too, if you’re in the higher tiered suite).

Captured in The Clan. In hindsight, we should start turning on flash for every single shot because these 2 pictures were actually captured in broad daylight.

Mar 2021
My foundation looks too white here. Agreed? Also, this top is super overworn. I need to wear other clothes.

These old school bus stops actually make great photoshoot locations. Imagine the possibilities of recreating pictures inspired by Taiwan rom-com, but Singaporean-ified.

May 2021
Moments before the start of Phase 2 Heightened Alert. Had a dinner and drinks session with Kells’s JC pals + GFs! This was our first time meeting everybody in the same setting and I imagined it to be a lot more awkward but it was completely not the case! Cheers to making new friends even at this age, lol.

We love candid outtakes! Now I’m excited for Phase 3 to return so I can start capturing more of these precious moments.

Ending off this post with this quote that I really like from GaryVee —

Every second you spend thinking about what someone else has, it is taking away from time that you can create something for yourself. Spend that energy on your visions and execute.

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