Charlie Tea -
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Charlie Tea

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About The Project

Project Duration: November 2020

Drive awareness to Charlie Tea’s 11/11 promotion amidst other competitor brands, as well as promote their latest pink cloud drink series.

What I Did (Contributions & Reflections)

Adopting a tonality preferred by the masses, one of the more successful campaigns I’ve led that went viral was with Charlie Tea, a local bubbletea brand.

Despite the prevalence of BBT stores in Singapore, the Charlie Tea campaign managed to hit a home run with the locals as we opted for a storyline that resonated well with the layman. Views continued to spike even months after the campaign had concluded and more than 35% of the accounts reached were outside of our own following. Feedback from the sales team indicated that this particular video helped set precedence for clinching other accounts who were interested in videos in such formats, thus making short-form videos a cornerstone in our company’s overall sales directive.