Carlsberg's Alcohol Free Beer -
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Carlsberg’s Alcohol Free Beer

About The Project

Project Duration: Aug 2020 — Oct 2020

It’s year 2020, and the term “Circuit Breaker” had just entered the local lexicon. As we progressed into different “CB” phases where restrictions for social gatherings started loosening up, opportunities to socialise rose and this marked the perfect opportunity to promote Carlsberg’s latest alcohol invention — the Alcohol Free Beer (AFB). The AFB which comes in two flavours (Pilsner and Wheat) contains less than 0.5% alcohol, making it the perfect drink for the everyday man who needs to juggle work and recreation. What’s more, with the drinks consisting only 66 and 107 calories per can, there is no need to fear the “beer belly” predicament that follows after each drinking sesh anymore!

What I Did (Contributions & Reflections)

My team’s job was to produce a piece of long-form content on the Night Owl Cinematics’ YouTube platform that could publicise this new beer to millennials from all walks of life. Hence, we felt that street interviews (or voxpops) was the way to get this campaign going, since it could showcase the audience’s organic sentiments towards the latest beer invention.

To further stretch the “clickability” of this video, we played on —

  • The talents’ own lifestory to create resonance among our current following (i.e., Aiken’s perpetual singlehood)
  • Trending topics and keywords of the week/month to entice new users on YouTube (i.e., Lovesick girls by Blackpink launched in October 2020)
  • Giveaway tactics to reward viewers

The production of this video took 2 weeks with a lead time of approximately 2 months. Challenges ensued as restrictions on filming were still pretty stringent in October and the team was faced with the possible problem of having insufficient participants willing to partake in the show. Nonetheless, much of this was overcame through a couple of preemptive measures; such as choosing the right hosts with the correct amount of energy (or vibe) needed for a street interview and equipping them with questions that were friendly and entertaining for both participants and viewers.

Watch time for this video was 20% higher than average and there was a relatively high amount of entries for the giveaway too. Alongside the hero content, my team and myself also devised a socials marketing plan on our platforms that further boosted the video, giving the project the all-rounded success it deserved.